Let Go

bird leaving cage

  Two years ago, I was let go from the job I had for 9 years. Today, I realize the POWER of those words. I was Let Go, freed, released. I was let go from captivity. The door was opened for me to spread my wings and FLY! I was let go from a place where my possibilities were limited. I was let go from a job with no more room to grow and learn. I was let go from a tedious 8-5 and Monday thru Friday routine. I was let go from an environment where gossip and envy were the daily bread. I … [Read more...]

Top Ten December 2014

Kathryn C. Wheat and mom

This month I'm putting together a list of gift ideas ranging from the small token item to the big extravagant statement. Have fun shopping and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!     Mary Sue Wietkoswki is my mom. There's not enough room here to tell you why she deserves a spot on the Top Ten so I'll just say that she's amazing! She is my gift! I know I've been blessed to have her as my mom. (she still lets me sit on her … [Read more...]

Press On

Climbing to the mountaintop

The landscape of our life is full of mountains and valleys. We mature with every step we take along our journey and become wiser and stronger for it. We’re constantly improving and growing. When we stop doing that, our purpose here is complete.   When facing the valleys of life, it can be very seductive to just settle in and have a pity party. Many times people cave into the temptation and stay in that frame of mind for a while. They lie down and cry and keep crying until they’ve … [Read more...]

This doesn’t excite me at all!


  When it comes to spending money, women are masters at rationalizing expenses. We can shop a sale, spend several hundred dollars, and declare that we’ve actually saved money. AND we believe it!   Yep, that’s right! If we actually saved more money by shopping the sale than the actual amount of money spent, we believe that we have saved a bundle. Example: if something is 75% off, we have spent only 25% of what we could have spent had we not waited for the sale. Are you … [Read more...]

Top Ten June 2013

George P. Anderson

  George P. Anderson has always been one of our favorite people. In light of recent events in Houston, we especially wanted to honor and thank George for his many years of what he calls "extreme customer service" with the Houston Fire Department. He is a hero to many!           Seasons 52 is a fresh grill and wine bar that invites guests to discover the sensational flavors of a seasonally inspired menu and award-winning international wine … [Read more...]

Become a garage sale master in six easy steps!

Garage Sale

Spring is here and that means garage sale season is in full bloom. Here are six tips to master your next garage sale. 1. Start with a list. There is a saying that our eyes are bigger than our stomach. This also holds true with garage sales. When we arrive at a garage sale, we may want more items than we really need. If you start with a list, not only will you stay on track but you will also save money on items you do not really need. 2. Scope out the sales the day before. Some sellers … [Read more...]

“Stop Surviving…Start Thriving!”


Have you ever spent so much time pouring your heart into something and then it just gets wiped away within seconds? No back up, No memory to recover....just gone forever.....After the initial panic dissipated and realizing that I will not be able to retell the story in the same manner I had before, it was clear that I had been given an opportunity to write new inspiring words that perhaps needed to be heard more than the last. Everyday we are given the precious gift to wake.  We do so to brand … [Read more...]



  It’s your fault if people are walking all over you! WHAT? Wait, that can’t be right. I mean some people are just jerks and think nothing of over stepping boundaries. But that is exactly what I was told all those years ago when my ex and I entered marriage counseling. I was told that I had no clear boundaries and that if I didn’t like the way my husband treated me then it was up to me to set boundaries. Wow! At the time, those words made me really angry. I wanted her to tell him … [Read more...]

Some InSite for Men

Men are adorable when

Men pay attention! It's so endearing when you let your guard down for a minute and engage in silliness with us! … [Read more...]

Taco Plate?

Taco Plate

  At times it seems unbelievable that both of my children are now officially adults! I have been reminiscing about some of the funny things that they did when they were little. Parenting can definitely be challenging. I didn’t always laugh when these moments were occurring but at some point along the way, when I looked back, I was able to see the humor in it all.   One story in particular concerns my daughter and her belief, at age 1, that she could communicate perfectly … [Read more...]