It’s Okay NOT to be Okay…


  It's okay to NOT be okay. How many times have you been told, "Keep it together man"...."What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"........"You have kids, be strong"....Yatta Yatta Yatta...I could go on and on, right?  Well what if you had just one person in your life to validate not only your feelings but tell you it's okay to NOT be okay? Today has been an extraordinarily difficult day. I write about difficult topics because they are even more difficult to speak of.  I am a … [Read more...]

Taco Plate?

Taco Plate

  At times it seems unbelievable that both of my children are now officially adults! I have been reminiscing about some of the funny things that they did when they were little. Parenting can definitely be challenging. I didn’t always laugh when these moments were occurring but at some point along the way, when I looked back, I was able to see the humor in it all.   One story in particular concerns my daughter and her belief, at age 1, that she could communicate perfectly … [Read more...]

Is Kim Jong Un The Sexiest Man Of 2012?

Kim Jong Un

    A week ago Hong Kong media picked up a story from The Onion which is a U.S. satirical website, It was about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un being named as the sexiest man of 2012. When the newspaper in Hong Kong reran the story they noted “In Chinese” that the story was a farce.   A couple of days later the online version of China’s Communist Party newspaper picked up the story not realizing it was a joke.  The Chinese paper The People’s Daily ran a 55- … [Read more...]

Ladies, Play Nice!

Women's Hands

The last couple of years I have done a ton of networking and have had the opportunity to meet hundreds (or probably thousands) of people. I must say that I really enjoy this part of my job. I love talking to new people and getting to know them. Some of them I have ended up doing business with and some have become really good friends. It’s definitely a perk of the business! I have also had the good fortune of meeting many successful women who have inspired and encouraged me. It’s great to … [Read more...]

WARNING: Don’t Go On Vacation With Us!

Woman Poolside

  Cindy and I have traveled together many times over the years and have some crazy stories to tell from our people watching capers. We have learned that there is definitely an art to spying on people without getting into trouble. If you’re lucky it can start at the airport before you even board the plane!   One time we had the good fortune to encounter our first subject waiting to board a flight to Cozumel. We were seated right beside the check in at the gate where we could size … [Read more...]