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Top Ten November 2014

Reba Beatty Charleston

  Reba Beatty Charleston; Mind and Body Coach. I finally had a chance to sit down over lunch with this dynamic woman. If you're looking for someone to help you start the new year off right, get in touch with her!           It's time for the annual YMCA Turkey Dash. To register, click HERE. It's a great family event.         Primal Roots Red Blend is a new favorite. Super smooth, great … [Read more...]

Top Ten September 2014

Matt Schomburg

Matt Schomburg is the State Farm agent for Ronald Earl Wilsher, recently sponsored one of my MCE classes, active community volunteer, YMCA board member, husband, father and all around great guy!             Barbera Wine from Perrine Winery (Perrine rhymes with wine). This is super smooth. Currently my favorite wine.               Of course Cindy had some wine to tell you about … [Read more...]

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Top Ten June 2014

Sandy Lawrence

    Sandy Lawrence is super sweet! She also happens to be the go-to person for all of your marketing needs. She is the owner of Perceptive Marketing and  a fellow Super Lady featured in the month of July!           Girly Go Garter is a sexy, safe alternative to carrying a purse when going out on the town or traveling. You can stash your money, keys, phone, lipstick or whatever in the handy little … [Read more...]

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Kathryn and Cindy with Kale Smoothie

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Top Ten December 2013

santa wish list

    This month's Top Ten are things that we have on our wish list this Christmas!             We would love to have something from the Sara Blaine Jewelry Collection! ALL of it is high quality and gorgeous! Shop with our friend, Suzanne Joffrion!                 Calvin Klein fliptop fingerless gloves. They come in several colors and they are perfect for … [Read more...]

Top Ten September 2013

Elizabeth Haysom Pudwill

        Elizabeth Haysom Pudwill founder of I Know Somebody, Houston. It's an amazing group for women and men. If you haven't heard of this group you should check it out and join!             Da Vinci Ristorante Italiano located at 6455 S. Fry Rd. in Katy Texas. Said to have some of the best italian food around. Reservations are a must and make sure you call about two weeks ahead of … [Read more...]

Top Ten August 2013

Karen Mayfield Carter

    Karen Mayfield Carter is so sweet AND the owner of Swap Couture, a place you must discover if you don't know about it already! Ladies, I guarantee you will love it.             Eleven XI Restaurant and Bar We are in love with the crab cakes here! So yummy!             Eclos Hydra Primer, you gotta try this! I love what's NOT in this formula as much as I love the way … [Read more...]

Top Ten May 2013

Natalie Weakly

    Natalie Weakly is an Image Consultant at Signature Style. She is absolutely great at helping clients project the best version of themselves through image and brand consulting.           Aegeia Eye Cream is a great choice if you're looking for an eye cream. I had some problems with dry skin on my eyelids that had persisted for almost a month and in one use this cream took care of the problem. In fact, I love the whole line of … [Read more...]