Is she your best friend?

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.

There is a new question for the man cave. This one is for men in committed relationships. Men are you ready to enlighten us with your opinions and wisdom? It is said that you should marry your best friend. Women place a lot of importance on friendships. We designate who our best friends are. Do you think of the woman in your life as your best friend? Or do you separate your guy best friends and your girlfriend/ wife in different categories of best friends? Or, do you even think about … [Read more...]

Top Ten September 2014

Matt Schomburg

Matt Schomburg is the State Farm agent for Ronald Earl Wilsher, recently sponsored one of my MCE classes, active community volunteer, YMCA board member, husband, father and all around great guy!             Barbera Wine from Perrine Winery (Perrine rhymes with wine). This is super smooth. Currently my favorite wine.               Of course Cindy had some wine to tell you about … [Read more...]

How do you keep the romance in your relationship?


"The very essence of romance is uncertainty." ~ Oscar Wilde Let's face it, women like romance. Millions of romance novels are purchased every year by women in search of that fictional man who always knows exactly what we want. The handsome suitor pursues and surprises her at every turn of the page. We do know it's fiction but the romantic gestures make us swoon. (Maybe you should read just one) Romance includes many things. It's an unexpected bouquet of flowers; a surprise dinner … [Read more...]

Are You Whipped?


  Gentlemen are you whipped? It’s funny how men tease each other. They are so competitive at everything, especially when it comes to women. And sometimes when one man gets the girl, suddenly leaving his single friend with a lot of free weekends, a little bit of jealousy comes into play.   Now all of a sudden you are whipped! Oh there is so much teasing involved that it can sometimes really hurt the ever so fragile ego. You would be surprised to know that it probably has … [Read more...]


2014 New Year's Resolutions

  Happy New Year guys! Our next Man Cave question has to do with New Year’s resolutions.  We all know that historically most women pick something that has to do with their health and/or physical appearance for their New Year’s resolution. Losing weight, getting back in the gym and adopting healthier eating habits are usually at the top of our lists.   Since we know that men and women think differently and don’t necessarily share the same priorities, we want to know … [Read more...]

Shopping for Her

Man shopping

  Ok guys, you have been shying away from some of our recent questions so here is a VERY simple one: Do you like your wife/ girlfriend to tell you what gift to get for her or would you rather find something on your own that will surprise her?     … [Read more...]

A Pop Quiz

A Pop Quiz

  Men, get your pencils sharpened cause this is a pop quiz!   When you are in a relationship for any amount of time, it’s important to understand and know anything and everything about your significant “HER” in your life. The question is ….how well do you really know “her”? When you love someone deeply, all facts big or small should be sought out. So if you are sure you know “her”, well then get your pencils ready because here are 3 questions you should … [Read more...]

How do you meet women?


  Ok guys, this question actually comes from me, Kathryn. I had a recent conversation with a gentleman that was asking when our next party would be. He had a friend that was newly divorced and was hoping that there might be some lovely single ladies at our next party. It seems like I know so many men and women that are looking for either that special someone or just simple companionship. This brings up the question, in what ways do you pursue meeting women? Is it through on-line … [Read more...]

Mid Life Crisis?

Mid Life Crisis

It’s a fact Jack! Men and women both go through mid life crisis. Women seem to focus on making themselves prettier for the men in their life. But is it panic that drives us to do so? Some men go through the normal stuff. You know like a new sports car, a little grecian formula, etc. which is somewhat normal. But so many times we see  men, when they reach a certain age leave their wife or mate of many years for a much, much younger woman/girl. These are men that have been married for … [Read more...]

Junk Jiggling

Man Cave

  Okay Gentlemen, this is definitely one for deep in the Man Cave. It's something that has women everywhere baffled. Something that we totally do NOT relate to and can't even begin to wrap our brains around. It's a little personal so if you blush easily, stop reading now! Here goes: What we want to try to understand is WHY some men, not all, but SOME men have a habit of touching, jiggling, lifting your leg and doing a little jump, putting your hand in your pocket and getting busy, … [Read more...]