Remember how far you’ve come!

wooden bridge

  Remember how far you've come; not just how far you have to go. No way! Those were my thoughts when I learned that I was going to need to speak in front of an audience… This is my story, the story of how I achieved something I believed impossible. Almost two years ago, I decided to embark on a new journey. The journey of starting a business…little did I know that I was going to need a lot more than just talent and willingness. I took a course and got my designation as an … [Read more...]

Top 5 Interior Trends for 2014

Modern Interior Design in Bright Colors

  Black and White Decoration Refined form in interior decoration can be manifested in many ways. One of the best ways to do that is by combining graphics with minimalism, which is very popular this season. A modern interior includes much more than just modern furniture. The most important aspect is combining shapes, colors, and materials. Interior decoration experts have agreed that for 2014, a black and white decor makes for a perfect basis. Experts warn that while … [Read more...]

Top Ten December 2013

santa wish list

    This month's Top Ten are things that we have on our wish list this Christmas!             We would love to have something from the Sara Blaine Jewelry Collection! ALL of it is high quality and gorgeous! Shop with our friend, Suzanne Joffrion!                 Calvin Klein fliptop fingerless gloves. They come in several colors and they are perfect for … [Read more...]

Hues Of Tangerine

Orange Slice by Valspar

  Everywhere you look, you see the new color palettes for summer.  Of course you can go with the bold and vibrant ones, which will more than likely involve a complete décor makeover. $$$$ Or you could pick a pretty hue that easily blends with other colors. This summer that color is tangerine.   One of the reasons why I really like the tangerine hues is because it’s not quite red or orange. It’s one of those in between colors that fill a room without being … [Read more...]

Become a garage sale master in six easy steps!

Garage Sale

Spring is here and that means garage sale season is in full bloom. Here are six tips to master your next garage sale. 1. Start with a list. There is a saying that our eyes are bigger than our stomach. This also holds true with garage sales. When we arrive at a garage sale, we may want more items than we really need. If you start with a list, not only will you stay on track but you will also save money on items you do not really need. 2. Scope out the sales the day before. Some sellers … [Read more...]

Spring Decorating

spring flowers in small vases

  With Spring Time upon us we are all noticing the vibrant colors of the beautiful wildflowers everywhere. Fashion and decorating trends seem to be inline with nature this year as well. We are seeing brightly colored jeans paired with vibrant accessories. Color blocking is trendy with the use of bold statement colors grouped together. I know that all of this color has me feeling renewed, refreshed and ready for the warm months ahead.   Most of us don’t redecorate every … [Read more...]

Holiday Planning in a Nutshell!

Holiday Checklist

    Halloween arrives and poof - before you know it - you're in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner and thinking that you haven't even started your holiday shopping! Be more prepared this year so that you can really enjoy your holidays. You can have carefree holidays! To do so depends on having the three major tasks done before all the festivities begin. These three tasks are shopping, doing the holiday cards/newsletter and wrapping all the presents. Shopping is by far the most … [Read more...]

Fashion Translates Interior Design

Singapore Fashion

While in Singapore covering fashion this spring an interior home store was discovered, also housing unique fashion.   Linen and More (L&M) owner Manisha Gattani explains how fashion flows into interior design and how she gets a feel for her clients style to select designs for both home and apparel. ‘Fashion and interior design go hand in hand. You’ll commonly discover that the same intricate embroidery used in home accessories will be found on a dressy tunic or scarf. New … [Read more...]

Color Is A Visual Language ~ Global-Modern-Luxe


Color is a communicator.  It creates a response without conscious awareness.  With the addition of color we can expand our potential and our personal dynamics. It expresses the way we think and feel, and it reacts back from the environment, raising and lowering our spirits.  Color is a part of everything, and it can bring us joy, depression, peace or ambivalence.  Color has subliminal power.  Color psychology is based on three responses: emotional, behavioral and physical.  Other … [Read more...]



    Hold on to your hats ladies, because the day has come.  Finally there is a social website that caters to women. Yes men take advantage of it too, but once you’ve been there, you’ll know immediately, Pinterest was made for women. When I first heard about Pinterest, I thought it was just another Facebook wannabe social website. But I quickly realized that was not the case. The minute you get a visual, you are drawn in.  Immediately it is a sensory overload.  It’s … [Read more...]