Apple Immune Booster

apple immunity drink

  It seems like everyone around me has a cough. Perhaps it's spring and the pollen is causing all the respiratory issues? I found an immune boosting drink that taste really good, is super easy to make and seems to be keeping me feeling great despite the coughs and sneezes all around me. Mix in a shaker: 1/2 cup bottled water 1/4 cup organic apple juice 1 Tablespoon organic apple cider vinegar 1/4 teaspoon organic ground cinnamon pinch of sea salt dash of cayenne … [Read more...]

Skin Care for the ages

Beauty throughout the ages

  Taking care of your skin early on in life is critical to maintain a youthful looking skin throughout your life. We always assume that when we are young, we don’t need much, but starting early is key, because skin damage occurs at an early age. If you start taking care of your skin early on, the benefits will be long lasting and you will keep looking youthful for a long time. There are several factors that contribute to an aging skin. One of the most important is photoaging, which is … [Read more...]

Top Ten February 2014

Vanessa Cassani

      Vanessa Cassani is a sweet friend who has just launched her healthy living blog, Live Simply Natural. Please welcome her and check out some of her inspiring ideas and recipes.       Project Eve named us one of the Top 22 Essential Websites for Women last year and we want to return the favor. Check out some of their articles. I think you will enjoy the reading!       It seems like just when I find a … [Read more...]

Give that Kale Smoothie a try! | Woman’s InSite

Kathryn and Cindy with Kale Smoothie

  … [Read more...]

It’s time to break in the new Yoga instructor!


Last month, my favorite yoga instructor, Shohreh, informed me that she would not continue to teach the Saturday morning class after the start of the New Year. I have taken yoga from many different instructors and have witnessed many different styles over the years. Some great, some bearable, and some …… let’s just say they didn’t get a second chance. I empathize with anyone stepping into that class and trying to fill her shoes because Shohreh is just that awesome. In fact, she got a … [Read more...]

Top Ten January 2014


    Jewel White has got to be one of the sweetest, most encouraging and supportive women I have ever met. Please give her page a like and visit her shop!           A friend recently introduced me to Pho Saigon. I LOVE the Chicken Noodle soup. mmmmmmm                 iPad Air is the newest iPad. Very light weight and super fast! My mom is loving the one she got … [Read more...]

What are your resolutions for 2014?


It’s the time of year when many people are pondering what their New Years Resolutions will be. For many it will be to lose weight or get into shape. Some will strive to build/ start their own business or write a book. Other popular resolutions include learning new languages, cleaning out the garage, redesigning some part of a house, getting a makeover and improving on oneself is some way. The simplicity of my resolution may surprise you!   Most of the time I wear many hats, as I’m … [Read more...]

Kale Smoothie

kale smoothie

First of all, don't judge a smoothie by it's name! This is REALLY good! I have been eating so bad for the last month that I've decided to eat clean for the next 5 days. To me, this means eating only what God made in it's purest form. Except for coffee. I don't have the desire to deal with the withdrawal headaches so I will still drink my morning cup but without cream and sugar. Yes, I'm even giving up wine. I'm trying not to panic. It's only 5 days!!!! Following is one of my favorite healthy … [Read more...]

Human Nature

straight hair, frizzy hair

    It seems like we always want the things that we don’t have. This can apply to many things but for now I’m only talking about our physical bodies. There are tons of people out there wishing they were born with different physical attributes than those they have.   For instance, hair! I have had many women remark to me that they wish they had natural curls. They have this illusion that having curly hair would be so much easier and they wouldn’t have to spend so … [Read more...]

A New Way to Reverse Aging: From the Inside Out!


Another birthday is upon me and while I like to celebrate as much as I can, the telltale signs of a whole month of partying are not at all appealing. I need a miracle! Thank goodness I have a connection who can hook me up with all of the best anti-aging treatments to keep my skin looking its best. She has been my secret weapon but I think it’s time to share her with our readers. When it comes to erasing the effects of aging, Alison Zollars Arthur of LumenEssence Skin and Body Wellness has … [Read more...]