Top Ten April 2014


    Russ Johns is doing some amazing things on iTunes. Check out his R & R podcasts with Ronald Wilsher HERE.       Color Fun Fest 5K. This is a fun, family event that takes place all over the country.  Don't be surprised if you see me participating in the Houston night run! Register now for Houston's May 4th event.       I love these sleep shorts by Victoria's Secret Pink line. So cute and … [Read more...]

Apple Immune Booster

apple immunity drink

  It seems like everyone around me has a cough. Perhaps it's spring and the pollen is causing all the respiratory issues? I found an immune boosting drink that taste really good, is super easy to make and seems to be keeping me feeling great despite the coughs and sneezes all around me. Mix in a shaker: 1/2 cup bottled water 1/4 cup organic apple juice 1 Tablespoon organic apple cider vinegar 1/4 teaspoon organic ground cinnamon pinch of sea salt dash of cayenne … [Read more...]

Give that Kale Smoothie a try! | Woman’s InSite

Kathryn and Cindy with Kale Smoothie

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Top Ten January 2014


    Jewel White has got to be one of the sweetest, most encouraging and supportive women I have ever met. Please give her page a like and visit her shop!           A friend recently introduced me to Pho Saigon. I LOVE the Chicken Noodle soup. mmmmmmm                 iPad Air is the newest iPad. Very light weight and super fast! My mom is loving the one she got … [Read more...]

Selfless Selfishness


I had a conversation with my Granny the other day, where she told me about a friend of hers that had recently passed away. Naturally this event upset her greatly but the newspaper obituary had her in a tailspin. In the write up, the woman’s name was NOT listed as Mrs. Betty Philips but as Mrs. Thomas Philips (her surviving husband’s name). The article mentioned nothing of her personal victories/ internal self, just of external affiliates such as family and their accomplishments. I believe it … [Read more...]

WE got your back…

group exercise class

I come from a family of females. Of course, at one time, men were in the mix but due to untimely death and divorce I grew up surrounded by strong women. The simple word “exercise” sends off a round of excuses in my family sounding like a firing range! But to conquer the times when motivation lacks, they use the Fitness Buddy System. It’s nothing new or fancy and it works on so many levels. The right buddy or team will motivate and energize you to give it your best! Nothing is worse than … [Read more...]

Dance Walking Video |

Dance Walk group with Dana

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Get in Shape for Summer With Alternate Fitness Activities

Zumba on snow at the Chill Factore, Manchester

With summer on the horizon, many of you will be thinking about losing that extra bit of weight to get into shape for beach wear! Whilst it may be difficult to motivate yourself for the summer just yet, with the back end of winter just about still with us, a small change in the fitness activities you do can help to keep things interesting. Exercise activities like Zumba incorporate fun Latin dance moves while bootcamp fitness really gets you pumped, military-style! Here's a breakdown of these … [Read more...]

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

  I have been on this quest since the first of the year to live a healthier lifestyle.  When you fall into bad habits it seems to take a little longer to bounce back because you have all of those foods that you love but that are bad for you calling your name every time you get hungry.  Maybe it’s me but I crave them even more when I’m forcing myself NOT to eat them. Yes I need to lose a few pounds but I have decided that this time I’m not going to try and lose them overnight.  I … [Read more...]

We’ve got the Official Playlist for the Dance Walking Video

Cindy and Kathryn with Jagger lips

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