Press On

Climbing to the mountaintop

The landscape of our life is full of mountains and valleys. We mature with every step we take along our journey and become wiser and stronger for it. We’re constantly improving and growing. When we stop doing that, our purpose here is complete.   When facing the valleys of life, it can be very seductive to just settle in and have a pity party. Many times people cave into the temptation and stay in that frame of mind for a while. They lie down and cry and keep crying until they’ve … [Read more...]

Marriage and Money

couple in bankruptcy

I remember it like yesterday. Sitting at home, taking care of our not-yet-two-year-old, when my now ex announced that we were facing foreclosure. The words did not compute initially, because I did not know how that was possible when he made six figures in the prior year. After all, I had the tax return and bill saying that we owed $20,000 for unpaid income taxes. Perhaps, that should have been my clue that something was bad in the water in Texas. Nevertheless, I was dealing with my own issues. I … [Read more...]

How do you meet women?


  Ok guys, this question actually comes from me, Kathryn. I had a recent conversation with a gentleman that was asking when our next party would be. He had a friend that was newly divorced and was hoping that there might be some lovely single ladies at our next party. It seems like I know so many men and women that are looking for either that special someone or just simple companionship. This brings up the question, in what ways do you pursue meeting women? Is it through on-line … [Read more...]

Happy Father’s Day, Mom!

Mom & me

  Another Father's Day will be here before you know it. Many people will be celebrating the day with their father or remembering those that have already passed. Fond memories from childhood will come to mind and bring smiles to their faces. I envy those that have had a loving father in their lives. That unique and loving bond between a father and child is so precious. I hope that those who are fortunate enough to experience that relationship appreciate every moment they have together … [Read more...]

How long does it take you to get over your ex?

broken heart

Ok guys, we all know that women are capable of obsessing over a guy after a breakup. What we want to know is how long it takes YOU to heal from a broken heart and stop thinking about "her" all the time. From short-term all the way to long-term relationships, are you able to move on quickly or do you think about her daily? Do you get melancholy when you hear a song that had meaning to you as a couple, when you go to a familiar restaurant, or smell her perfume? Do you stalk her Facebook page and … [Read more...]

“Stop Surviving…Start Thriving!”


Have you ever spent so much time pouring your heart into something and then it just gets wiped away within seconds? No back up, No memory to recover....just gone forever.....After the initial panic dissipated and realizing that I will not be able to retell the story in the same manner I had before, it was clear that I had been given an opportunity to write new inspiring words that perhaps needed to be heard more than the last. Everyday we are given the precious gift to wake.  We do so to brand … [Read more...]

Listen Up!


When a woman speaks, it's up to you to decipher what she really means. We're trying to help you out a little. And if you're still not sure, ask her friend. … [Read more...]

What is The Man Cave?


We are introducing a new category here on Woman's InSite just for the Gentlemen. However, we are guessing that the ladies will be snooping just like the guys tend to do with the posts that are for the ladies. We are all so nosy, aren't we? Anyway, to take advantage of this, we have decided that we want the ladies to be able to ask questions that the guys can answer. Ladies, you can do this 2 ways....... #1 If you want to be totally anonymous, you can email us the questions and we will post … [Read more...]


Woman in a Tree

I was recently asked to share my story of courage and the first thing that came to my mind was that my story isn’t that remarkable. It doesn’t seem to me that it’s much different than that of so many other people. I would like to say that when I was out there on that limb and hanging on for dear life, that my incredible FAITH led me there and comforted me. And it sounds great to say that I had courage in the face of difficulty. But in all honesty, I was pretty much pushed out on that limb … [Read more...]

I’ve Been Watching You!

Nosy Neighbor

Anyone remember the song Sweat from the group Inner Circle? “I’ve been watching you, a la la la la long …….”  Ok not in a weird or judgmental way, but just ‘cause I’m curious about people. I love to people watch. I’m perfectly happy standing in line at Christmas time, fighting the crowds at the mall, waiting for a table in a crowded restaurant……whatever the reason that allows me the opportunity to check out the people around me. Y’all are very … [Read more...]