Are you getting enough?

How much is enough

  Okay, get your minds outta the gutter here! I’m talking about water, you know, good old H2O? Whenever I hear multiple messages about the same topic I start to feel like I’m meant to pay closer attention. Like I’m being hit over the head with it. Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about how much water you should drink. I get it; most of us don’t drink enough water. In fact, most of us are actually pretty dehydrated and have habitually been in that state for a … [Read more...]

BAM! Just Like That!

Wanna Betta Butt?

  How many of you have ever bought into the crazy marketing promises we are bombarded with on a daily basis? Marketing gurus play on our weaknesses and the things we are self conscious about. They know just how to get us to pull out our wallet and hand over our money even if we are doubtful that said product would actually give us the results we see on the ads. For some reason, we just keep on hoping and believing.   I’m pretty immune to those ploys at this point in my … [Read more...]

Throw Back Thursday

Kathryn Wheat

  Anyone on Facebook has seen all of the funny and crazy #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) photos that are posted. I recently joined the fun by posting a photo of myself that was from about 20 years ago. I had super big Texas hair. Many people got a kick out of the photo and commented on all the hair. The interesting thing is that I also got many comments on how I looked in that photo. Some said that my skin looks better now, 20 years later! And no, I haven’t had a brow or lid lift or any … [Read more...]

Day of Savings

Clinique gift bag

When I encounter a sale, I feel lucky. When I have a day of savings, I’m on cloud nine. My “day of savings” began at Visible Changes in the West Oaks Mall in Houston, TX. I felt that it was time for a change. (It has been over a year since my last haircut.) Grant, my new go-to hairdresser, was phenomenal! He went through every cut, explaining what I was doing to damage my hair and how I should style my new locks. And the best part? It only cost me $35. Because I went with my … [Read more...]

Are You Making These Makeup Mistakes?


  Makeup is supposed to be the finishing touch that gives us confidence. But here’s what many women don’t realize: The way you apply your make up could be adding years to your appearance.   Here are the top five makeup mistakes that can make you look older… and what you can do to roll back the clock. Makeup Mistake #1: Heavy foundation   Foundation is a great way to smooth out your skin tone and give you a flawless, airbrushed look… if you don’t overdo … [Read more...]

How do you feel about caterpillar eyebrows?

Eyebrow stencil fail

There are many reasons why women follow fashion trends. Sometimes it's to impress or compete with other women. Eyebrow fashions come and go. How do you feel about the current trend that has women using stencils to draw on their eyebrows? Do you think it's sexy?   Would you ever consider doing this to your own brows?   … [Read more...]

A New Way to Reverse Aging: From the Inside Out!


Another birthday is upon me and while I like to celebrate as much as I can, the telltale signs of a whole month of partying are not at all appealing. I need a miracle! Thank goodness I have a connection who can hook me up with all of the best anti-aging treatments to keep my skin looking its best. She has been my secret weapon but I think it’s time to share her with our readers. When it comes to erasing the effects of aging, Alison Zollars Arthur of LumenEssence Skin and Body Wellness has … [Read more...]

I don’t need any Neck Cream!

wrinkled neck

The other day I went into one of my favorite places to shop for cosmetics and got stalked by a lady hawking neck cream. No kidding! At least I hope you are laughing about this with me! As I walked into the store, she was standing next to a display with this new miracle product that promises to get your neck wrinkles under control. She greeted me and then declared that this miracle cream was on sale for $20 off! She seemed very excited about this fabulous sale. I kind of remember thinking if … [Read more...]



I keep thinking about that Saturday Night Live Skit where they would ask incredulously, Really? That’s what I was telling myself the morning that I was to do a live taping for my first television interview with Dawn Fobbs. Even though I am WELL past the age of puberty, I woke up with a big honking pimple front and center on my cheek. REALLY? I go months and months with clear skin and on this particular day I get a big honking pimple! All I can think is that I must have been unkind to someone … [Read more...]

Rejuvenate Your Skin at Home or Spa

woman getting microdermabrasion

A lot of people think that working in the beauty and anti-aging business means I just “sit around and have beauty treatments” all day long. If only that were true! I wish I had time to sit around having beauty treatments, but just like most of you reading this, I don’t. That’s why I love to find secrets, tips and shortcuts for skin rejuvenation, such as removing dead cells with exfoliating microdermabrasion. Many people underestimate the power of a good exfoliation, but it’s one of the … [Read more...]