Are You Making These Makeup Mistakes?


  Makeup is supposed to be the finishing touch that gives us confidence. But here’s what many women don’t realize: The way you apply your make up could be adding years to your appearance.   Here are the top five makeup mistakes that can make you look older… and what you can do to roll back the clock. Makeup Mistake #1: Heavy foundation   Foundation is a great way to smooth out your skin tone and give you a flawless, airbrushed look… if you don’t overdo … [Read more...]

How do you feel about caterpillar eyebrows?

Eyebrow stencil fail

There are many reasons why women follow fashion trends. Sometimes it's to impress or compete with other women. Eyebrow fashions come and go. How do you feel about the current trend that has women using stencils to draw on their eyebrows? Do you think it's sexy?   Would you ever consider doing this to your own brows?   … [Read more...]

Top Ten March 2014

Deborah DeLoreto Martin

There is an obvious theme this month! Gentlemen, I'm sorry if you feel a bit left out. But, you may want to plan ahead for Mother's Day! HINT HINT   Deb DeLoreto Martin - My workout buddy, Mary Kay enthusiast, and all around sweetheart. If you don't know her, you should!         TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm Lifting Serum is great for adding volume and lift! You can talk to Deb about how to get your … [Read more...]

Top Ten February 2014

Vanessa Cassani

      Vanessa Cassani is a sweet friend who has just launched her healthy living blog, Live Simply Natural. Please welcome her and check out some of her inspiring ideas and recipes.       Project Eve named us one of the Top 22 Essential Websites for Women last year and we want to return the favor. Check out some of their articles. I think you will enjoy the reading!       It seems like just when I find a … [Read more...]

Dry weather and dry skin go hand in hand: Tips on keeping your skin moisturized.

CW staying Warm

  Well, it’s 22F outside and I’m in Texas! How did this happen? I’ve been in and out of sleep all night because I was worried my water pipes were going to burst and I was going to end up with a swimming pool on my front lawn. I guess I should not complain too much because when I called my friend who lives up north, she laughed at me and said it was -30F there. Brrrrrrr During this time of year, I am constantly fighting to keep my face and hands warm and moisturized. The blast … [Read more...]

Top Ten January 2014


    Jewel White has got to be one of the sweetest, most encouraging and supportive women I have ever met. Please give her page a like and visit her shop!           A friend recently introduced me to Pho Saigon. I LOVE the Chicken Noodle soup. mmmmmmm                 iPad Air is the newest iPad. Very light weight and super fast! My mom is loving the one she got … [Read more...]

A New Way to Reverse Aging: From the Inside Out!


Another birthday is upon me and while I like to celebrate as much as I can, the telltale signs of a whole month of partying are not at all appealing. I need a miracle! Thank goodness I have a connection who can hook me up with all of the best anti-aging treatments to keep my skin looking its best. She has been my secret weapon but I think it’s time to share her with our readers. When it comes to erasing the effects of aging, Alison Zollars Arthur of LumenEssence Skin and Body Wellness has … [Read more...]

Top Ten October 2013


      Loretta Williams Gurnell founder of Super Lady 14. Kathryn is honored to have been chosen to be in the SuperLady14 calendar. It is referred to as a place where Super Ladies can #Shyne through their talents, gifts, professions, and lifestyles. They are recognized for what they do and how they leave their mark on the world. Please join Kathryn on Nov. 7 at the soiree releasing the 2014 calendar. For more info: … [Read more...]

I don’t need any Neck Cream!

wrinkled neck

The other day I went into one of my favorite places to shop for cosmetics and got stalked by a lady hawking neck cream. No kidding! At least I hope you are laughing about this with me! As I walked into the store, she was standing next to a display with this new miracle product that promises to get your neck wrinkles under control. She greeted me and then declared that this miracle cream was on sale for $20 off! She seemed very excited about this fabulous sale. I kind of remember thinking if … [Read more...]

A Trip to the Hairdresser | Woman’s InSite

Kathryn Crawford Wheat & Cindy Dennen

      … [Read more...]