Beware of friends bearing gifts!


        Gift Noun 1.    a thing  given willingly to someone without payment; a present   Prize Noun 1.    a thing given as a reward to the winner of a competition or race in recognition of another outstanding achievement. Adjective 1.    (esp. of something entered in a competition) having been or likely to be awarded a prize.   Ahemmm; pardon me while I step up on my soapbox for a minute......   Lately … [Read more...]

Games, Growing Up and Being Real

a day

    What a difference a day can make. Yesterday I was posting on Facebook about the new movie coming out, a prequel to “Gone With the Wind”, chatting how I was looking forward to seeing it this fall. And a few hours later I was so upset I could hardly see straight. Please let me explain, first off, I am a joyful person, love roses and babies, and would give you the shirt off my back.  I have a happy life and a heart full of hope and gratitude. So as they say, … [Read more...]

Be Who You Must Be

woman walking on path

  "I don’t know where you are on your path
 I have never stood in your shoes
 I see not with your eyes. I know not what your purpose is here
 In this stage of your evolution
 But I feel blessed to know you
 As you are not in my life by chance
 And you are my teacher
 As I hope you learn from me
 I pray I show reverence to you
 I pray not to judge you
 I wish to let you be
 Who you are
 Who you dream of being
 I will … [Read more...]

Please Wait, Self-Adjustment in Operation!

Please wait

I recently attempted to make some copies on one of those large copy machines and it didn’t seem to be responding. As my patience was waning, I looked down and noticed the message it was showing me: Please wait, self-adjustment in operation. That simple, machine generated message struck me as very profound. There are times when we humans could use one of these messages displayed on our own foreheads.   There have been times in my life that I have become aware of the need to make … [Read more...]

I might not be rocking the boat but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to set sail!

We never lose friends.

  Don’t ever confuse politeness with agreement. Have you ever been pressured by a friend or an acquaintance to jump onboard with something that they are passionate about? I seem to get this a lot. While I am happy for others who have found something they absolutely love, I can’t possibly sail away on every ship in the sea! After all, I have my own ship to navigate! I would love to shore up everyone with encouragement but I’ve learned that seems to send conflicting … [Read more...]

What are your resolutions for 2014?


It’s the time of year when many people are pondering what their New Years Resolutions will be. For many it will be to lose weight or get into shape. Some will strive to build/ start their own business or write a book. Other popular resolutions include learning new languages, cleaning out the garage, redesigning some part of a house, getting a makeover and improving on oneself is some way. The simplicity of my resolution may surprise you!   Most of the time I wear many hats, as I’m … [Read more...]

I love you!


I was recently reminded how quickly life can change directions. In a split second everything that seems to matter so much becomes unimportant. The shopping list, the holiday project, having that cute handbag, decorating, school, disappointments, an argument, traffic, the gym, that mean person that you wish you could avoid…… all of these things that are in your head don’t mean anything at all when your life or the life of a loved one is in jeopardy.   Last weekend, as I was … [Read more...]

Human Nature

straight hair, frizzy hair

    It seems like we always want the things that we don’t have. This can apply to many things but for now I’m only talking about our physical bodies. There are tons of people out there wishing they were born with different physical attributes than those they have.   For instance, hair! I have had many women remark to me that they wish they had natural curls. They have this illusion that having curly hair would be so much easier and they wouldn’t have to spend so … [Read more...]

Are your loyalties crystal clear?


  It’s often necessary to profess and demonstrate your loyalties, positions and opinions. It can be uncomfortable but silence is often confused with consent. I certainly wouldn’t want my loyalty to a loved one, friend or a colleague to ever come into question. So occasionally, I must force myself to have that awkward moment when I assert my disposition and mindset so as not to confuse or mislead those in my life that count.   You can’t always sit on the fence. There are … [Read more...]

5 Important Things I Learned After Turning 50

Birthday candles

Get ready for October. It is my annual birthday month celebration! I can’t believe I am going to be another year older. I relish the celebrations and love that a birthday brings but each passing year seems to fly by with alarming acceleration and speed. I like to say that having another birthday is better than the alternative of NOT having one. I still have a lot of life to live so I guess I’ll accept that they keep on coming.   I also recognize that with each passing decade, I … [Read more...]