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Are You Making These Makeup Mistakes?


  Makeup is supposed to be the finishing touch that gives us confidence. But here’s what many women don’t realize: The way you apply your make up could be adding years to your appearance.   Here are the top five makeup mistakes that can make you look older… and what you can do to roll back the clock. Makeup Mistake #1: Heavy foundation   Foundation is a great way to smooth out your skin tone and give you a flawless, airbrushed look… if you don’t overdo … [Read more...]

Rejuvenate Your Skin at Home or Spa

woman getting microdermabrasion

A lot of people think that working in the beauty and anti-aging business means I just “sit around and have beauty treatments” all day long. If only that were true! I wish I had time to sit around having beauty treatments, but just like most of you reading this, I don’t. That’s why I love to find secrets, tips and shortcuts for skin rejuvenation, such as removing dead cells with exfoliating microdermabrasion. Many people underestimate the power of a good exfoliation, but it’s one of the … [Read more...]

Steps to Better Foot Care

pretty feet

When you think of cosmetic surgery, feet aren't usually the first things to come to mind, but more and more people are opting for surgery to make their feet prettier. "Foot Makeover" and "Toe Tuck" are just two of the terms that have come into vogue in recent years. Cosmetic foot surgery is defined as surgery "done to manipulate or change a foot that has no underlying injury." Some women want to shorten their toes or have their feet made narrower, while others ask for collagen or silicon … [Read more...]

Do these jeans make me look fat?

operation beautiful post it note

In between exchanging recipes or chatting about the kids, women often engage in what’s termed “fat talk.” Experts once thought fat talk was reserved for middle school girls, but studies have found that it is a common occurrence in women of all ages, including older women, and even some men do it. Denise Martz of Appalachian State University who co-authored a study on the subject says, “Because women feel pressured to follow the fat talk norm, they are more likely to engage in fat talk … [Read more...]

Go Green With Avocados


The avocado has been misunderstood in the past because of its high fat content, but avocados provide more than 25 essential nutrients. A serving of avocado, which is one-eighth of the fruit, has only 5 grams of fat per serving, but that fat is the monounsaturated kind, which is heart-healthy and may help to lower cholesterol. Avocados are also rich in omega-3s, another heart-healthy ingredient. Perhaps the most impressive thing about the avocado is the potassium content. Compared to bananas, … [Read more...]