How long does it take you to get over your ex?

broken heart

Ok guys, we all know that women are capable of obsessing over a guy after a breakup. What we want to know is how long it takes YOU to heal from a broken heart and stop thinking about “her” all the time. From short-term all the way to long-term relationships, are you able to move on quickly or do you think about her daily? Do you get melancholy when you hear a song that had meaning to you as a couple, when you go to a familiar restaurant, or smell her perfume? Do you stalk her Facebook page and get jealous of new men in her life? If so, how long does it take you to really get over her?

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Kathryn Crawford Wheat is an ordinary woman who has found a way to share some of her life’s experiences in the hopes that others will be able to identify with her and take comfort in knowing that we all face similar things in life. She is an Author, Professional Speaker, MCE Instructor, and Blogger.

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