Sued for Being Ugly?

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Have you heard the story about Jian Feng suing his wife for having an ugly baby? This story is both hilarious and sad. Hilarious in the way that it’s so  crazy and unbelievable. Sad in the way that you can’t imagine what this poor child will grow up to feel like. It’s just so outrageous that a man would sue a woman for having HIS ugly baby. It seems, a paternity test was ordered and confirmed that he was indeed the father. So now we know that his DNA played a major part in the looks of this child. Bless her heart! Then the woman finally opened up and confessed that she may have had some plastic surgery before they met. Like $100,000 worth of plastic surgery! First, let’s recognize that that amount of plastic surgery is nothing short of extreme! I’m sure major changes had been made. But if you look at the photos of the father, he certainly was no prize.

The question of the day is do you think she should have told him before they decided to marry or at least before they procreated that she had some work done? Should anybody tell a prospective spouse about a nose job, lipo, hair coloring, or even braces……? I mean we all do things that alter our natural looks a little. Even going to the gym alters our physique. Where is the line drawn where you must disclose changes you’ve made to your natural looks?

Woman sued for having ugly babyYou must also consider the reverse of this. What about the woman or man that is considered to be naturally beautiful and then lets themselves “go” after saying “I do”? This happens way more often than not. After tying the knot, they no longer work out or spend as much time on their looks. Their beauty fades because they no longer make it a priority. It’s like the ole bait and switch!

Now let’s talk about the poor child involved in this. It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Let’s face it, most newborns haven’t reached their full potential of beauty at birth. But as a parent, the first time you hold your baby in your arms you think you are looking at the most precious and beautiful creation ever born. It’s the love in your heart that makes your child beautiful. I can’t believe that this man would sue and WIN on the basis that HIS child was ugly. And what about the story of the Ugly Duckling? Many children that wouldn’t win a beauty pageant grow up to be beautiful. The fact is, looks change over time. Many things can contribute to this. Plastic surgery is only one of them.

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  1. Bob Nguyen says:

    just had this very conversation at lunch with a friend earlier…btw, this backs up the great theologian of our times (being sarcastic), Mr. Charles Barkley’s comment from many years ago (paraphasing): If all babies are so cute & beautiful, then where are ugly people come from? LOL…Seriously, this is sad. Mr Feng is a selfish man. That is his child no matter what. I’m not going to comment about Mrs Feng other than her surgeon will be called by a lot of people!…We have three beautiful kids: 1 handsome son & 2 georgeous girls. We made sure that they know this early and often “We all are created in God’s image…that we’re fearfully and wonderfully made!” Have a great day Kathryn!

  2. Lofty says:

    To be honest, the father himself is not any Hugh Jackman or Thomas Jane so maybe he should look into the mirror first and then start criticising…The more that it seems to me that the child is more alike him (especially for the lips) than his wife. This way or that, he’s a heartless and conceited man.

  3. mike says:

    She deceived him. That is no different than me, not telling another woman I am married, before I ask her to marry me.

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