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Writers Block

Here’s another great contribution from Spike the Watercooler by author Tara Leigh Emnett. Have you ever been on a different page than the rest of the universe?

I experienced a week of complete writer’s block. A complete and utter blank on anything compelling, witty, or even sarcastic. It’s officially a cold day in hell. I’ve tried to rack my brain for a really good reason, I was the kind of busy that makes me a little short of breath, I didn’t drink near enough liquids to get me through all 5 days of the week, my child threw away all semblance of the “Terrific 3’s” and introduced me to the “Terrifying 3’s,” my husband has been coming home practically still spinning like the helicopter he just flew, unable to devote himself to anything other than the highly professional, handmade map book I’d like to officially take the credit for… Yea, it wasn’t any of those things.

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