Fashion find of the week- Adriane Hobo Bag from Chico’s

Chicos bag


While scooping the latest trends at Chico’s, I stumbled across an incredible find!

I got a tip from a fellow shopper that the Adriane Hobo Bags (normally priced $89) were on sale for…. $19.

Because there were only eight remaining on the shelf, I snagged one and proceeded directly to the checkout. There was no way! I didn’t see any signs that said this bag was marked down. But nevertheless, the bag rang up $19.

By the time I grabbed my receipt, the bags were sold out.  I guess good news travels fast!

As a bargainista, I have learned to live by three rules:

1. Eavesdrop. Your fellow shoppers will become your new best friends! Not only can you get tips on what’s in style, but you may also hear about some great bargains that were not advertised.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask the employees about their sales. I used to think that if I asked the salesperson what was on sale, they would look down on me and think that I couldn’t afford to shop at their store. Boy, was I wrong! They actually applaud me for it. Not only do I get the same clothes, but I get them at a fraction of the price.

3. Ask for coupons. I always sign up for email updates. Yes- this does account for some spam mail, but the coupons they send can really add up. If it’s an issue, you can always create your own email account just for shopping. Sometimes stores will have your information on file and can access your online coupons right then and there. Some stores even have extra coupons at the register.

Happy shopping!

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