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I think my “talkee” may be broke, or at least very, very, tired after Sunday’s event at Forsyth Park in Savannah, Ga.

I have NEVER in my life met so many people, made so many connections, shook so many hands, or swayed so many souls to a cause as I have since the founding of Full Bowls.

And it feels damn good; but more than that, it feels RIGHT.

The funny part about all of this is that I thought having to explain it to people would be difficult; that I’d get responses like “really? Why?” and “it’s a what?” The reality of it is that a couple people have been moved to tears; I’ve been hugged, people have shook my and J.C.’s hand, and not once have we received any negative feedback on what we’re doing…no judgments,  only encouragement from our local community, friends, and family. Help has come our way from all sorts of unexpected sources. Of course, these days I seem to draw more and more people into my inner circles who feel the same desire to help as I do, and they are the ones approaching me. Full Bowls is helping to fill souls too, I think.

Solace Pit Bull Rescue founder and Annie’s savior, our friend Kelli Miller

I knew all of my life that the jobs I’ve had weren’t the “end all be all”, and that there was more waiting for me if I could just put the puzzle pieces together, if I could simply see around that next corner. There was a distinct sense of something missing, and try as I might, it just wasn’t appearing. Trust in the Universe was necessary, first.

Photo by J.W. Aaron

I’ve had several jobs working with animals, large and small. They’ve been a permanent fixture in my life since I came home from the hospital with Bert and Nans…and these days my love for them fuels the purpose of my life. It’s so easy for me to get out there and DO something. I’m not saying it’s not time and labor intensive for me, just that it’s an easy choice- and quite honestly taking Owen and sometimes Annie to events seems to open more doors than it closes. They are both unparalleled breed ambassadors, and I’d like to imagine that they are here with us for this purpose as well.  I’ve had people tell me that they’ve seen Owen on the internet, and I always smile at that. Once you meet Owen, you’re going to be hard pressed to forget him…and while they don’t know me, they recognize him and in their minds have established a connection. Since Annie wears her love for the human race all over her, it shines from the inside out.. She can’t hide it. Once someone bends down to touch her smiling face, they’re a fan, especially if they’ve been afraid of Pit Bulls in the past. You can’t resist Annie and Owen. Sheesh, why would you even want to try to? They are two lives, changed by love…and they continuously change the lives and perceptions of those they meet. They help me to make a difference- it’s what they do best.

True story.

…and in the end, Love is all there is, and all that matters.

About Tracy Wilson

Tracy Wilson is a successful and published author, operates her own Non Profit organization within her community, and along with her husband is proudly raising 2 sons. Tracy is also the coordinator for National Pit Bull Awareness Day Savannah 2012. This is an important issue which is at the heart and soul of not only her non profit, but of who she is. She and her family live happily with their their two Pit Bulls, a Bull terrier, and two cats and reside in the Low Country of Georgia.

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