A proud bargainista

Proud Bargainista

I’m going to be frank.

I, Allison Victoria, used to be an over spender.

If I saw a dress or a pair of shoes that I wanted, I would buy them. No questions asked. My closet was crammed full of clothes. And if we are really being honest, I didn’t wear half of them.

Then one day, I realized the majority of my hard-earned money was spent on things I really didn’t need. Ok, this little realization may have come when I moved in with my fiance and he so graciously pointed it out. But he was right! I was an over spender and I needed help.

Because I didn’t want to give up my fashion forward ways and I knew my fiance would not approve of my weekend shopping sprees, I decided to get creative. I became a bargainista!

If I found the same clothes I wanted for a fraction of the cost, I would not only save money but I would also have all of the same great finds! I also learned to become more critical of the things I did buy.

I’m going to share all my tricks of the trade with you so that you too can become a bargainista.

About Allison Victoria

Allison attended Texas A&M University, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Communications and Journalism. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (now SAG-AFTRA) and serves as the Hospitality Chair for the Houston Branch. Allison is also the former Texas Marketing and Social Media Coordinator for the CW. She spends her free time sewing, running 5ks and hunting for ghosts.

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