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Cindy & Kathryn

About Kathryn Crawford Wheat

Kathryn Crawford Wheat is an ordinary woman who has found a way to share some of her life’s experiences in the hopes that others will be able to identify with her and take comfort in knowing that we all face similar things in life. She is an Author, Professional Speaker, MCE Instructor, and Blogger.

She enjoys spending time with family and friends, scuba diving, wine tasting, dancing, exercise, yoga, writing, and musical theater.

Some of the best things about Kathryn include her faith, courage, and fierce loyalty. She is grateful, joyful, empathetic, determined, motivated, observant, a little foolish and sometimes a bit crazy!

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  1. Definitely go the Young Professionals route…and throw away that AARP application! Nutty gals!

  2. Seriously! Wait, that word doesn’t go here! Love you both and want to hang out with you at the next one – Young at Heart Professionals! :D Too fun! Wait, once again not possible! Thanks for the giggles! <3

  3. Kay Victory says:

    We are “Young” – it’s a state of mind – right! So I’m 24! Ya’ll make me laugh so hard! Congradulations!

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