The Blooming Time

Woman Gardening

I used to be known as the black thumb of the family. Seriously.

I outgrew it, just all of the sudden. I’m not sure what happened; my expertise with flowers and plants seemed to literally develop overnight. I think it started around the time I became a homeowner. Funny, isn’t it? That deed proved legal ownership of a dwelling, and a little carefully measured piece of Mother Earth- for a moment, anyway.

I found myself quickly obsessed with ferns, hanging baskets, lilies, (still my favorite) and soil content. Fertilizers were a hot topic at the dinner table. My favorite piece of furniture quickly morphed into a potting table in the garage…a little one story, white, gabled garage with two large doors that gave it the look of a country barn. I loved that house, and its garage.

The connection we feel in our hearts is what binds us for a lifetime. It is with me still, even though I haven’t lived there in over a decade.

I learned, in the seasons I spent that place, what bloomed when, how to cross pollinate my lilies for exotic color variations, and the joys of sitting for hours counting the Hummingbird trips to the feeder with a little brown eyed boy. He turns 18 soon, and has probably forgotten all about those summer evenings and the wildflowers he picked for me. I showed him how to love the dirt, in that garden. He helped me plant, and pick, and weed. I even taught him a little apology to say to the weeds- after all, the weeds were there first.

Time passes in seasons, does it not? That spring, and that child, has matured into something else. How many times are we blind to the beauty of a moment until it passes?

 I bought myself an Orchid this weekend. It’s my first one. I’m a little nervous. I hope I have “matured” enough to be a good “Orchid mom”. It’s a testament to my own growth- I’ll be 50 this birthday. Did you know Darwin was fascinated with the evolution of Orchids in particular? Recently it was discovered that Orchids were here 15-20 million years ago. Scientists found a stinger- less bee, holding pollen… How gloriously amazing is this world we live in? What perfection of evolution the Creator created! These delicate flowers that survive in tree branches, crevices, and high atop cliffs have managed to remain, thrive, and continue to evolve for millions of years.

When I look at the Orchid and realize the strength of her tenacity, I am humbled…
and I hope that those memories of and my love for Mother Earth will take root as deeply into the heart and soul of my little brown eyed boy, and find fertile ground there.

 May he always honor his connection, love the Mother, and instill the same in his own children.


About Tracy Wilson

Tracy Wilson is a successful and published author, operates her own Non Profit organization within her community, and along with her husband is proudly raising 2 sons. Tracy is also the coordinator for National Pit Bull Awareness Day Savannah 2012. This is an important issue which is at the heart and soul of not only her non profit, but of who she is. She and her family live happily with their their two Pit Bulls, a Bull terrier, and two cats and reside in the Low Country of Georgia.


  1. Georgia Turner says:

    Enjoyed reading the article Tracy! Love your writing style…..something akin to a relaxing, gentle summer breeze. Evokes memories of days gone by and visions of days yet to be. Truly…..inspirational! <3

  2. Tracy Wilson says:

    Thank you, Georgia, for you kind words.

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