Can You Still Maintain A Personal Touch Using High Tech?


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In 1989, my husband and I bought our first house.  Like many first time home buyers, we were young and this was the first major purchase we were making together.  The actual house itself was small but what it represented was enormous; the future with all its infinite possibilities.   We felt such a sense of accomplishment, pride, and excitement that to this day, I can still remember the conflicting feelings of joy, nervousness, and the weight of responsibility.  Our Realtor® followed up with a thank you card and a bottle of wine which we shared in our first new home.


A lot has changed in the past 23 years but people are still buying homes to begin their lives together and experiencing the awe that accompanies such an enormous commitment.  While some things remain constant, other things have been moving at warp speed including technology.  The advent of technology has revolutionized everything including how we communicate with each other to how we conduct business.


For the most part, advances in technology have been greatly beneficial in the personal and business spheres.  Services such as the internet, email, websites, social networking, and hardware such as Smartphones, tablets, and laptops have made the world smaller and communicating with people that much easier.  However, high technology has not come without a cost.


Technology can reach a large group of people efficiently and disseminate information at rates of speed previously unknown but the loss of the “personal touch” makes this communication generic, cold, and impersonal.  On the business level, loss of the personal touch can translate into loss of clients and/or referrals.  Everybody wants to feel special and important and   regardless of how small or large the transaction, clients want to feel their time and money matters to whomever they choose to do business with.  As the perceived value of their business increases, so should the tangible appreciation of their business be rewarded.


While technology has made it quicker to communicate, it often fails to convey true sentiment.  An email or text saying, “Thank you for your business,” doesn’t truly reflect appreciation nor does it encourage future transactions.  In the past, the best and sometimes only way to show appreciation was to send a card with enclosed photos or a small gift.  In 2010, according to the Greeting Card Association, “Giving a greeting card creates a lasting impression and an emotional bond between the sender and the receiver.”  In one national study, nearly one-third of respondents said they kept special cards that they received “forever.”


However, in a world that is moving so quickly, time is often an issue for many aspects of life and sending a card is no different.  The time and effort required to find the perfect card, personalizing it the best you can, finding a stamp, addressing it, and getting the card to the post office can be daunting.  In comparison to high technology, which requires little to no effort, sending a real card can seem to be an overly lengthy process and antiquated.  Companies like SendOutCards, Hallmark, etc. is where high technology with the personal touch comes into play; not only can you find the perfect card online, you can use technology to your advantage to upload or find photos and logos.  Existing written sentiments can be kept or rewritten entirely for a customized, heart-felt message.  Best of all, once you press “Send,” the personalized card is printed, stuffed, stamped, and mailed within 24 hours.


We all get mail on a daily basis but sadly, most of it is comprised of bills, flyers, and junk. Personal touches and technology do not have to be at odds.  By combining the benefits of high tech and adding that personal touch, sending a tangible and heartfelt card can be easy and it makes somebody feel special when they open their mailbox.  From a business standpoint, that may just mean the difference between a one-time sale and a life-long client.


Donna RooneyDonna Rooney is a Senior Manager with SendOutCards.  Please feel free to send a free card to someone who needs to know how much you appreciate them on Donna’s website by going to or by contacting her directly at:

(713) 202-0786.

About Donna Rooney

Donna Rooney is a Senior Manager with SendOutCards. Please feel free to send a free card to someone who needs to know how much you appreciate them on Donna's website by going to or by contacting her directly at:

(713) 202-0786.

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