Coincidence Albert Einstein

Sometimes we forget to see God in the little things and we find it easy to give luck or coincidence the credit. It was not coincidence, I know that! It was God showing me … [Read More...]


Grandma chalkboard

Yes, this news is really, really big! I mean it’s life changing. I am about to turn into one of those complete fools who can’t stop going on and on about how … [Read More...]


KCW Banner for WIS

      Upcoming Events:     Tuesday, May 5, 2015 - 10:30 - 1:30 TREC MCE 3-hour class: Branding For Humans Sponsored by: … [Read More...]



  Yep, this will actually be my second one! At this point you’re most likely looking for a photo of me and thinking, she didn’t get her moneys worth the first … [Read More...]


Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.

There is a new question for the man cave. This one is for men in committed relationships. Men are you ready to enlighten us with your opinions and wisdom? It is said … [Read More...]